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Laura Dev

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I am interested in changing interspecies relationships in the face of globalization and global changes. My studies draw from political ecology, science & technology studies (STS), and environmental anthropology. For my dissertation research I use a multispecies ethnography approach to investigate the relations surrounding culturally important medicinal plants, and the challenges and opportunities indigenous communities are faced with regarding the commodification of their plants and rituals. Specifically, I focus on pathways by which plants, rituals, and knowledge associated with the use of ayahuasca travel between the rural Peruvian Amazon and California. I also work with Indigenous communities to develop community-led responses to local environmental concerns.

My background is in plant ecology, and I have an MS in ecology from Colorado State University for my work studying the interactive effects of climate change and grazing on grassland plant communities. I have worked in environmental education in the past, and I greatly enjoy facilitating experiences for youth to interact with and learn about their environments.


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