Select Publications

Publications completed with the support of Land Lab workshops:


Knapp FL (2016) The birth of the flexible mine: Changing geographies of mining and the e-waste commodity frontier. Environment and Planning A. Published online before print May 28, 2016, doi: 10.1177/0308518X16652398       Final Accepted Version Here


Lu J (2015) Tapping into the Rubber Market: Opium Replacement and the Role of Rubber in Developing Laos.BRICS Initiative for Critical Agrarian Studies (BICAS) Working Paper


Kelly AB (2014) The Crumbling Fortress: Territory, Access, and Subjectivity Production in Waza National Park, Northern Cameroon. Antipode. 47(3) 730-747


Suarez DC and Corson C (2013) Seizing Center Stage: Ecosystem Services, Live, at the Convention on Biological Diversity! Human Geography. 6(1) 64-79

Kelly AB (2013) Property and Negotiation in Waza National Park. Land Deal Politics Initiative Working Paper, Transnational Institute Environmental Justice Program.



Kelly AB (2011) Conservation practice as primitive accumulation. The Journal of Peasant Studies 38(4). 683–701
— Reprinted in Peluso, N. L. and Christian Lund (Ed.s). 2012. New Frontiers of Land Control. New York: Routledge. Chapter 2.
— Reprinted in Journal of Peasant Studies 40: Greening Agrarian Studies Virtual Special Issue, available April 17, 2015.


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